Thursday, December 16, 2010

A selection of dogs from 2010

Of the 169 photos that I just transferred from my phone to my computer, probably 94% are of dogs, 1% are of cats, 2% are of food, and 3% are of signs/street art. That encompasses 2010 nicely.

My little Mimi.
Toby, who belongs to a guy I work with. I used to babysit him, until his owner and I had an office altercation. He sat on my desk shaking with rage like a spoilt toddler, then gave me a boost bar to apologise. It's a long and ridiculous story that ended in me having less than the amount of respect for him that is required to work productively with somebody, and him no longer acknowledging me at work. I haven't seen Toby for few months now.

Gretel, the most food motivated dog I have ever met, with her dual paunch bags and 'feed me love me' eyes.

Slinky, the first cat to ever make me realise why people like cats. She matches my entire wardrobe with her grey undercoat, black sheen and olive eyes. Also, she has never bitten me and pronounces 'meow' perfectly.

Quizzical Mim, looking like the senior dog that she now is. 9 years old, until she gets to the park and may as well be 4 months old.

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